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CEO Clubs India is an exclusive business network that brings together CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business leaders from various industries to share knowledge, ideas, and resources. It is a part of the global CEO Clubs Worldwide, which has a presence in more than 10 countries.


Chief Executive Officers’ Clubs is a focused, Invitation-only, not-for-profit association of entrepreneurs and CEOs. This premium community is established to provide a safe and nurturing environment that fosters learning and networking. The club is committed to making a positive contribution to the enterprises represented by the members.

The CEO Clubs India chapter was launched in March 2008 in Hyderabad under the aegis of its parent organisation CEO Clubs International, Inc. Today; our chapters are in Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bangalore, New Delhi and Pune.

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What Our Members Are Saying

As a kid, I was a very naughty boy. As I grew into the shoes of a CEO of my family business, slowly but surely my childhood drifted away. CEO Clubs gave me back my childhood and naughtiness that is truly me. Today, I serve my fellow members with the outlook of a CEO and the unabashed openness of a child. That helps us brilliantly.

I see CEO Clubs as a peer group that goes beyond networking. We become part of an ecosystem that is both caring and intellectually stimulating. An ideal environment for any CEO to charge his batteries.

"It is lonely at the top", so I was told and experienced it too tin joined CEO Clubs. Now I have a dozen best friends who are amazing. When I have an issue, they analyse and give me inputs with a single aim — to see me happy. I am very happy that I joined this club 8 years ago and made so many jigris (best friends), though somewhat late in my life.

The CEO Club system provides enormous support to each member, far beyond what I had expected. It also provides a great opportunity to learn from diverse, successful CEOs. ​

My association with CEO Clubs Hyderabad started 10 yrs ago as it's 1st President ! It has been a journey filled with new friends & new learning's. We focused on 3 verticals - self , business & social exchanges for sharing & bonding activities. Reheats & travel with in & outside India & connecting with off shore CEO's Clubs was an added bonus !!

Ceo clubs India is a great platform for CEOs to interact and learn from peers , reflect & validate their ideas, have fun and at same time develop network, I have benefitted tremendously from my last 10 years of association.

For a first generation CEO, entrepreneurship is a lot about making the right decisions because there is no past to build or validate the decision. That is emotionally draining because one wrong decision is enough to bring the CEO back to square one. CEO Clubs help to validate the CEOs decisions through shared experiences. For a first-time entrepreneur, it is a blessing and, a lot more.

One of the best business decisions I've ever made is to join the CEO club. It has been a pleasure to be surrounded by CEOs with very bright views on business and their companionship provides an opportunity to develop alternative ways of looking at a problem and deal with it.




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